Marketing as a Service

Maximize Your Technology Investment with Marketing as a Service

Because companies lack internal experience and expertise, they rely on agencies, vendors, demonstrations, and reviews of e-commerce platforms in their selection. we continue to see the same challenges in organizations achieving their business goals:

  • Platform Selection –  The right marketing stack consists of the platforms that can be best utilized to sell your products or services to the widest target audience. It must seamlessly integrate with your customer data, logistics platforms, financial systems, e-commerce, customer service, and reporting platforms. Contact us before you investigate solutions and we can assist.
  • Optimization – Along with being fully integrated and automated, marketing your brand, products, or services must happen across search engines, mobile devices, browsers, email clients, social media channels, and advertising platforms. We have the expertise to fully implement all analytics, campaign tracking, events, funnel optimization, search engine optimization, and mobile optimization to drive higher conversion rates and increase average order size.
  • Campaign Execution – To maximize sales, you have to have effective campaign execution and testing in place. All campaigns should be tracked, tested, and optimized for greater yield.
  • Hiring Talent – Companies often struggle with hiring and keeping experienced marketing experts or even just hiring enough resources to support their marketing initiatives. Our team is experienced and can scale your business and accelerate results. Our clients achieve superior results because we can deploy strategies and solutions effectively across clients rather than a single organization attempting to train and deploy solutions without human resources.


We’re vendor agnostic and have marketing resources that can work on or across any platform. Our that use us for marketing as a service have different scenarios:

  1. The company lost its internal talent and is seeking resources to bridge the gap while they hire new talent internally.
  2. The company lost its internal talent and is seeking a company to train-up new e-commerce talent that we hire, vet, and train.
  3. The company lacks enough resources so they augment their internal team with our resources to accelerate and scale their backlog.
  4. The company wishes to outsource its marketing to our team to manage for them.


I cannot believe it has been a year since joining the team at Closet52 and partnering with Highbridge to launch our brand and e-commerce site. Douglas Karr and the team at Highbridge accomplished the impossible, they partnered with us and had our site live and accepting orders in 90 days. This took not only knowledge of their trade (which is a lot) but full dedication from everyone. The team at Highbridge truly wants what is best for their clients and they make it happen! In the ever-evolving world of retail, you do not need to worry if you are making the right choice by partnering with Highbridge Consultants.

what are the advantages of using Highbridge?

Because of the range of expertise and experience on our team, our clients see multiple advantages:

  • Our contract is typically lower than the cost of hiring, vetting, training, and paying employees to do the same work.
  • Our team has far greater experience across industries, platforms, and strategies and we’re able to accelerate adoption, integration, automation, and reporting much faster than internal resources.
  • Our team is scalable and we have multiple resources available for consultation with clients with a range of expertise and experience.

In short, your organization gets to focus on product development, customer support, and logistics while we focus on growing your acquisition, retention, and customer value.

FREQUently Asked Questions

  • What work is included in CRM as a Service? We’ve written an article on where administration ends and an additional project quote would be required.
  • How long is the contract for? Our contracts are a one-year minimum, after which we can do month-to-month but require a 90-day notification of when you’d like the contract ended.
  • How many resources do we get? This is negotiated with your contract. 
marketing as a service