Local Marketing Audit And Roadmap

Local Marketing Audit And Roadmap

Welcome to our Local Marketing Audit! Our comprehensive analysis dives deep into your site, schema tags, business page, directories, and locally-related content, and even explores your competitors and backlinks. We leave no stone unturned to unleash the full potential of your business. A local marketing strategy requires visibility across the Internet that provides your business with the authority it needs to capture market share.

Local Marketing Audit

Our analysts have a number of tools at their disposal to manually research and assemble a comprehensive local marketing report for your business. Key sections of the audit include:

  • Local Search: How is your business page performing against your competitors with recent, frequent, positive reviews and visibility on the search engine map pack?
  • Local Citations: Can your business be validated through reputable business directories with a matching business name, address, phone number, and domain?
  • Website: Do you have a high-performing website for collecting leads with content and landing pages optimized for mobile viewing, location-based metadata, and relevant content that ranks well against your competitors in organic search (SEO)?
  • Backlinks: Is your site being mentioned by other authoritative, relevant sites that would provide you with higher rankings in search engines for the search terms your target audience uses to look for you?
  • Advertising: Are you efficiently spending money on acquiring traffic and leads through advertising networks, local search ads, search ads, and social media advertising?
  • Social media: How is your organic social media performing? Are the strategies you’re deploying helping to build awareness, drive leads, and retain customers?
  • Analytics: Is your analytics correctly set up so that you can apply your advertising and marketing budgets accurately to the channels and strategies that are working best?

Local Marketing Roadmap

Reports are fantastic, providing you with a snapshot of how you’re performing. It could provide some revelations of where your problems are or even confirm some of your suspicions. As every business owner knows, though… it’s not the report that matters, it’s how to prioritize and invest your time to improve your results that matters most. Our roadmap will provide you with a list of prioritized recommendations for what we would do to improve your presence.

And if there’s too much work for your team to do or you don’t have the expertise, we’ll credit the cost of the audit toward any ongoing monthly marketing-as-a-service subscription to manage your company’s local marketing efforts!

We were throwing away thousands of dollars every month on leads for our local business and not getting a single lead. Highbridge’s team provided such exceptional detail on why were were losing to our competition that we signed up with them to manage our marketing. We haven’t looked back since!

Robert Bauerle, Indianapolis Roofing Contractor

Unlock Your Local Business Potential!

Ready to unlock the full potential of your local business and leave your competitors in the dust? Our Local Marketing Audit is your secret weapon to success. Let us guide you to a thriving local presence and increased customer engagement.

Don’t let the competition steal your spotlight. Embrace the power of data-driven marketing decisions and a well-optimized online presence. Contact us today to schedule your Local Marketing Audit and watch your local business soar to new heights!

Sign up for our report today, and our operations manager will be in touch to do a kick-off and discovery meeting with your team. The total cost of the engagement is $2,000 US, and the turnaround is between 5 and 10 business days.

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